Memory of the Heart


"Heroes of Victory" photo exhibition at White Rabbit

Every monochrome shot is unique. Not even touching the ground white stallion “Kumir” carries Georgy Zhukov across the Red Square on the very first Parade of Victory. Lidia Ruslanova sings for soldiers at the walls of the ruined Reichstag - the victory has not been officially announced, but the eyes of people are full with it. The girl Lucy, victim of the Leningrad-siege, standing and smiling with Baltic sailors. Every shot is not only people’s history but a history of many military photographs themselves. Evgeny Haldey reached Berlin together with soviet troops. Natalia Bode went to the front “for her husband” who died in the first days of war. David Trachtenberg - author of the unique, one-of-a-kind photo chronicle of the Leningrad-siege, and Leningrad -release.


Exhibition of archival footage at White Rabbit – a good reason to commemorate and thank everyone by name. For peace, for heroism, for a clear May sky on the background of which the photos of Heroes of Victory are raised to such height for the first time.


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