Crepes and pancakes cakes on the Maslenitsa week

"You may be broke but you must celebrate the Maslenitsa"!-requires the Russian custom. And the White Rabbit knows how to celebrate - the are dozen options of pancakes in the restaurant menu. Traditionally, the main feast is pancakes "Boyarskie". It's so thin, based on yogurt according to an old Russian recipe, it perfectly combines with salty as well as with sweet stuff. For a snack you can take pancakes with sturgeon or sockeye salmon caviar, smoked back of trout or home mincemeat. For dessert - with condensed milkc, hestnut or lavender honey and jam. Or quite simply - with the Vologda butter and sour cream. For those who decide to treat themself with something special Chef of White Rabbit Vladimir Mukhin cooked buckwheat pancakes with lamb and herbs, pancakes based on the bitter orange water (Pomerantseva water) with Staroeletskiy sauce and soaked cranberries or a pancake cake with cream of homemade cheese!


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