Love chemistry


St Valentine’s Day at White Rabbit

Careful! Experiments on humans are conducted! During the St Valentine’s Day Oleg Reshetnyakov, Chief bartender of White Rabbit restaurant had poured tenderness and sex, flirt and loyalty, passion and inspiration into test-tubes, so every lover could mix them in the right proportion to create his own confession-cocktail.

«Love me tender» - 5 test-tubes for the ones, who expect a sweet kiss this evening. The ingredients are spicy bourbon, birr aperitif with light orange aroma, Aperol, a bit of maple syrup and Peychaud’s bitters with hints of anise and cherry.
«Сheeky fruit» is suitable for those who would like to try something new to freshen up their feelings. For test-tubes with rum and sparkling wine Oleg added fresh pineapple, sweet falernum and chocolate bitters.

Thrill-seekers will admire the «Hot Desires». They will like to add a little and Aperol grapefruit juice to gin, season with the mix with burning Mangalore liqueur and finally finish the mix with sparkling wine.

And, of course, every couple will receive a present from White Rabbit – swinging chocolate rabbits. «Keep calm & Make love» - follow their example!


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