“Russian forest” festival


Dishes with mushrooms, berries, nuts, game meat and moss in White Rabbit.

Vladimir Mukhin meets autumn with a “forest menu”. Porcini and milk mushrooms, cowberry and cranberry, wild duck, young boar and even reindeer moss and pine needles – all aromas and flavors of Russian forest are gathered on its pages.

There is half dozen mushrooms alone: salted milk mushrooms are served with dill, potatoes and cranberries, honey mushrooms share plate with chicken liver and soaked cowberry, Slippery Jack mushrooms, Rough Boletus mushrooms, light-salted cucumbers and green peas are mixed into salad. You will find porcini mushrooms and black chanterelles in Russian grey “shchi” soup, served with cowberry “vatrushka” pie and sour cream. For the ones, who prefer real hunt, there are dished of game meat: turnip soup with Teal wild duck and Young boar cutlets with celery root puree and rowanberry jelly.

You can enjoy not only taste, but also aroma of approaching autumn by trying exceptional pine risotto with morels stuffed with green onions and veal, roasted in black currant leaves with chanterelles, corn polenta, pickled blueberries and hazelnuts. You can properly continue your dinner with chestnut crème brulee or cedar milk jelly with pine ice-cream.

But the biggest surprise for the regulars of the restaurant is a comeback of famous “Klubskaya” porridge, this time with fried brains, porcini mushrooms, pine nuts and reindeer moss sauce


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