In the intervals between the performances Gastro Bar, in flight from one gastronomic capital to another chef Vladimir Mukhin prepared new creations to Moscow public that embodied the fresh summer menu of the restaurant.

Iberian ham with fig and peach tomato water, salad with strawberries, smoked duck fillet, radish sauce and Parmesan, cream soup with fried quinoa young scallops and Parmesan, Blanket rabbit with baby carrots, potatoes Baku, green peas and brussel sprouts - are just some of the seasonal updates for which the restaurant White Rabbit invites this summer Moscow gourmets.

Vladimir Mukhin had prepared for the Moscow public and guests new creations that embodied the fresh summer menu of the restaurant. As always, seasonal ingredients - a fundamental criterion on which chef bases his work.

Vladimir's kitchen holds the key idea - the unsurpassed taste of seasonal products, their quality, a balanced mix in one dish and he use the most innovative processing technologies. Summer menu White Rabbit demonstrates exemplifies collection summer vegetables, fruit and seafood: strawberries and peaches , the Baltic and Black Sea goatfish smelt , all perfectly complemented by clear and simple tastes of young beets and Baku tomatoes and rarer - fresh and juicy quinoa soaked cranberries in clever design and colorful pitch.

Desserts deserved special attention. Pathe brioche with apricots, ice cream and sour milk champagne jelly - a reminder of a famous French cuisine, which takes in the gastronomic traditions Vladimir special place.

Each dish summer menu Vladimir embodied images and ideas that were born to him in many years of work, months of travel, combining his love and his skill.


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