White Rabbit Charity Program


From the 1st of November White Rabbit launches a charity «1% of the total bill — 100% of your kindness».

1 % of the amount of each account will be listed to help young children's home in the village of Ruzaevka, Mordovia.

Under the care of the orphanage has 42 children, most of them suffer from serious diseases : AIDS and hepatitis B to various developmental disorders . All of them — orphan preschool age — from three to seven years. Like many similar institutions, the orphanage is very poorly funded, and because of its distance from major cities almost does not get help from the outside. Meanwhile, children in desperate need of warm clothing, utensils, medicines, not to mention toys, crayons, felt-tip pens and sweets.

Together, we can give them a childhood. Therefore, the restaurant White Rabbit makes a modest contribution to the rescue of these children. Now the 1% of the amount that you spend in the restaurant, go to the aid of a little orphan Ruzaevka. Thus, you become a member and share the good restaurant White Rabbit. We hope that our support will help these children smile and enjoy life more. Agree: never too late to donate a piece of his kindness to those who need it most.


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