White Rabbit - Member of the Moscow Gastronomic Festival 2013!


Try our new special set from Vladimir Mukhin!

The ninth consecutive year, the capital's fall fills the special taste of Moscow Gastronomic Festival , the purpose of which is to promote the restaurant culture in Russia. The rhythm of the modern metropolis has trained us to take coffee as an energy source, and the restaurant - like negotiating. In the meantime, the best chefs, masters of their craft, every day coming up with new combinations of products, using new technology, so we can enjoy a delicious meal.

Moscow Gastronomic Festival - is an occasion to look at life as a celebration of taste. Vladimir Mukhin, Chef White Rabbit, set within the framework of the festival offers Abkhaz persimmons from Tambov ham and spicy basil, roasted wild mushrooms with quinoa and almond gazpacho of young, Norwegian Fjord Trout under the "snow" with fried pickles, ice cream, sea buckthorn with an elder of the Antonov apples, as well as competitive dessert - mousse made ​​from sheep's milk with water jelly mountain lavender and strawberry ice cream.


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