Concert of Machete


We invite you to the concert of Machete — a project to connect a music and movies!

We invite you to the Machete group concert which will take place on May 30 in White Rabbit Restaurnat & Bar.

The Machete group was created in the 2010th year by the vocalist of Tokyo group — Yaroslav Malym for realization of the collected solo material different from Tokyo group. As Yaroslav declared, Machete is a unique project urged to unite music and cinema. Than it appeared in practice, it is possible to understand only, having appeared at a group concert.

Debut video on the song Tenderness written by Yaroslav as a sign of love to the wife, with which he together here became already whole ten years the first such history. To transfer simple history of sincerely loving each other people, it was helped by actress Ravshana Kurkova. The clip was shot by Igor Shmelev, the leader of Machete group that became for Yaroslav a debut in this role acted as the director. The Machete group during an instant becomes popular after a release of the clip to the song Tenderness in April of the 2011th year. On Youtube and Vimeo video portals the roller was looked already by more than fifteen million people.

In November there was the second clip — Don't leave in which the Machete group tried to transfer parting torments with darling. Following the results of a year of Machete were nominated for the award Europe Music Awards 2011. In March of the 2012th year the group will win back the first concerts in Ukraine and in Russia.

Arrival of guests at 22:00

The concert starts at 23:30

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