Fresh degrees at White Rabbit


Rhubarb, elderberries, peaches and sorrel in the summer collection of cocktails


A cocktail of calvados with rhubarb juice, amaretto and Elderberry soda tastes like a soaked apple. Mix of vodka, infused with propolis, with limoncello, pineapple and basil has subtle notes of honey. A peach with rum - the heady aroma of a blooming peach tree. Summer cocktails of chief bartender Oleg Reshetnyakov demonstrate striking new combinations of seemingly familiar ingredients.

Now the bar menu of White Rabbit all about local and seasonal. Fragrant sweet peaches "White Swan" make the taste of the classical "Bellini" more intense and juicy. Summer "Bere" pear’s buttery tenderness softens a piercing sourness of sorrel in "Grandma's garden". "Antonovka Gimlet" with gin infused with sour apples, and homemade apple tonic perfectly tones and quenches thirst. And, of course, ripe forest berries are added to cocktails, lemonades and even sangria.


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