Tasting menu by Vladimir Mukhin


Gastronomical tasting menu of Russian seasonal products


Black sea rapa whelk and mussels, Rostov ducks, Belgorod gobblers, Yalta onions, Circassian sheep cheese and Crimean peaches – these and other products have become the base of a unique tasting menu.

Several things have blended in the menu: bright tastes of Russian South, impressions, brought from gastronomical expeditions and a brave and inventive style of White Rabbit chef, Vladimir Mukhin.

Try rapa whelk beef stroganoff – a smart version of one of the signature dishes of Russian cuisine, where the usual meat is replaced with tender clams, blanched in a strong beef broth.

Discover the harmony of the duo of sweet ripe peaches "White Swan" and spicy smoked duck. Enjoy the unexpected combination of wild strawberries with goat cheese and lavender honey sauce.

Some of the products may be new for you. Those are moose milk, marinated bamboo, meringues with slightly astringent chestnut honey, dandelion sauce. However, amazing discoveries can hide among familiar names - golden bun leaves a bitterness of birch bast, ice cream, made from honeysuckle, tastes quite unlike the usual one, and strawberry looks like a pearl.


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