White rabbit: Young&Fresh


All about fresh greens – in White Rabbit’s summer menu.

Nettles and quinoa, goutweed and chard, spinach and young arugula, rhubarb, sorrel and even lime-tree buds are collected in original gastronomic herbarium created by Vladimir Mukhin.

Instead of common traditional green cabbage “shchi” soup, White Rabbit’s chief cooks special rhubarb “shchi” – on a rhubarb juice with sorrel, spinach, herbs and rhubarb stalk, duck hearts and quail egg.

Summer nettle cream soup shows another juicy shade of green. It’s cooked with leek, zucchini and young goutweed which is served with quail, stuffed with chicken liver and mushrooms. And even risotto with duck hearts and oyster mushrooms fried with porto-sauce got the portion of greens - green peas, chard leaves, salted lime-tree buds that replaced the usual capers. Summer mood is taken forward by fruits and berries. In a salad with grilled chicken liver, spinach and feta cheese you can find sweet cherries and ripe peach slices. Fragrant raspberry is added to a ceviche made of eastern scallops with avocado and pine nuts. Under the orange glaze of a sweet “Rabbit’s Dream” – black currant parfait. Even local berries are in bloom. Merely because White Rabbit’s veranda is 16 floors closer to the sun than any other restaurant’s roof. To watch the sunlit city from above, eat fresh strawberry and listen to the stories about king Stanisław and his rum baba recipe… Majestic views bring majestic conversations, while the menu for sure will be a good help.


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