Moscow Gastronomic Festival


The best of White Rabbit in an affordable set-menu all October.


There’s a good reason to visit White Rabbit! Traditionally, Moscow greets autumn with the city’s main gastronomic festival - for a whole month even the most expensive restaurants will become more affordable. White Rabbit chef Vladimir Mukhin offers his festival set - four original dishes for only 1500 RUB. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the unique bread with birch bast, which the chef serves with Vologda butter and forshmak. By the way, the forshmak is also unusual - it’s made from herring milt and rabbit meat, similar to the one that was made back in the days of Peter The Great. Next come the signature mussels with apple mash jelly and purple cabbage sauce. The hot dish is reserved for barley porridge with hazel and morels, flavoured with Tula gingerbread. As for dessert, it’s “Golden scallop”, which is not actually a scallop at all, but this riddle will be up to the guests of the Moscow Gastronomic Festival at White Rabbit to solve by themselves.


Tasting set:


Birch bast bread with forshmak and Vologda butter
Mussels with apple mash jelly under purple cabbage sauce
Barley porridge with hazels and morels
“Golden scallop” - panna cotta from sheep milk and mango mousse


1500 RUB


The set is served until 19:00.



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