“Alice in Wonderland”


Gastrobar WR presents gastronomic performance "Alice in Wonderland".

After 150 years since the first edition of the legendary book by Lewis Carroll, for the first time it was translated from English into the language of high gastronomy. Fabulous rastibulki, magical dwarf water, Dodo bird egg, Cheshire cats’ smile and more has obtained not only the shape, but also the taste.

During 12 acts Mad Hatter and March Hare will accompany their guests on a journey down to the rabbit hole, drop in the Duchess kitchen, find themselves at the croquet field in the company of the Red Queen.

Each chapter of "Alice in Wonderland" is presented in sometimes-provocative combination of dishes and cocktails. Thus, thinking about Alices’ swimming through the "Pool of Tears", you can try fish milk and an intoxicating starfish, and upon reaching the famous Mad Tea Party you will feel the real madness, tasting a shrimp doughnut with a smoked teapuccino.


Mad Hatter – chef Vladimir Mukhin
March Hair – chief-bartender Oleg Reshetnyakov
Producer: Boris Zarkov


From February 26, and then every Thursday at 19.30 at Gastrobar White Rabbit

Seats are limited, through a prior reservation only.


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