Vegetables — food of the future


Unique vegan set in White Rabbit is for vegans, and not only


The White Rabbit restaurant presents a vegan set made only of vegetables, fruits and nuts. "Vegetables are food of the future", - the head of the White Rabbit Vladimir Mukhin is sure, who has titled his set this way.


Set of six servings was created by Vladimir Mukhin with the participation of the cook and vegan Olga Suzdalkina, who is responsible for the creation of the menu without products of animal origin. White Rabbit guests will have a chance to enjoy sea star-looking pumpkin ravioli stuffed with smoked cashew-cream with apple, sun-dried beet tartare with cedar jelly, corn with corn tofu milk, and raw-foodist mamaliga made of fresh corn, cauliflower in curry paste, cooked in a wood-fired oven with mashed cauliflower and coconut milk with wine-simmered raisins and fried sage. And many interesting dishes that will pleasantly surprise not only vegans and vegetarians. 


White Rabbit invites guests to enjoy an interesting gastronomic experience and get to know the cuisine of the restaurant from a new angle.


Unique vegan set in White Rabbit is for vegans, and not only


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