Tasting menu Russian Evolution


A key theme of the unique gastronomic menu by Vladimir Mukhin is evolution of Russian cuisine

 Classic Russian dishes in a modern interpretation, familiar products in new combinations, and national traditions organically combined with modern world trends. Revolution? No! Russian Evolution is a maturation, improvement and development.

Guests of the White Rabbit restaurant will be able to taste coco lardo, salo made of the pulp of young coconut. It is salted as a traditional salo according to all the rules and as a result is identical to salo in taste. Sea scallops will be served under the “snow” made of eucalyptus and yogurt. Delicious cabbage cooked in a wood stove with a three kind of caviar sauce will remind you of a hot homemade cabbage pie.

Behind every dish there is a story that goes back to the traditions of Russian cuisine. Taste an unusual “soldier” cabbage soup made from grape leaves, fermented honey drink, beef baked in linden, and “syta” dessert. The rule of "eating enough" is actual even for a gastronomic set.


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