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Contrast - the union and the struggle of opposites - is the theme of the new gastronomic menu by Vladimir Mukhin


The great is always a union and a struggle of extremes, they emphasize and complement each other. The goal of the great is the balance and harmony of these opposites - there is no sun without moon, land without sky, future without past, life without death, happiness without suffering and good without evil.


Contrast is a significant difference of these opposites, antonyms of one field - time, emotions, sensations, location, condition, color, texture, taste. The contrast stresses the difference and creates an overall picture, which we see and consider in its entirety as holistic and beautiful.

In the new set, Vladimir Mukhin focuses on the eternal war and friendship of these opposites, both in life and art, and in work and gastronomy.


You will see and feel the contrast between


Past and Future (time)

Heaven and earth (habitat)

South and North (origin)

Fire and water (processing)

Light and dark (color)

Hard and soft (texture)

Cold and hot (feeling)

Sweet and bitter (taste)

Joy and sorrow (emotion)


Discover new tastes and new emotions, and we hope that you will become a little happier.

Through what - you decide ...



Gastronomic set is available for degustation in the restaurant-theather Chef's Table.





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