White Rabbit invites for blini!


The chef of the White Rabbit restaurant, Vladimir Mukhin, announces the early start of Maslenitsa - February, 28 - and invites everyone for real Russian blini.

“Maslenitsa is coming, carring blini and honey” says a popular proverb, which means that in White Rabbit guests will be lavished with a traditional Maslenitsa dish prepared according to old recipes, as well as be surprised with unusual variations of traditional treats until March, 10.

Wheat pancakes, half-meat, rye, buckwheat and guryev with a variety of stuffings: from the back of trout and omul caviar to crab, avocado and beef pastrami. "Boyar" blini made from wheat and buckwheat flour, cooked on kefir without yeast, rhyme with forshmak, caviar of salmon, country sour cream, condensed milk, honey and jam. A luxurious crepe cake with black currants and homemade cheese cream will be a pleasant completion of the Maslenitsa week.

The chef took care of all the guests, so the menu includes special pancakes on flour made from green banana and cedar milk, gluten free and lactose free.

Thanks to an early start, Maslenitsa in White Rabbit will last as long as 11 days - during this time you can definitely have time to try all the tastes of the holiday.


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