Tasting set


“Forward to the past!” – a new tasting set from White Rabbit restaurant.


Oatmeal loaf, moose lips, spelt, turnip, swan liver – Vladimir Mukhin invites you to take a journey into the distant history of Russian cuisine. The new tasting set from White Rabbit is a unique experiment that will introduce you to traditional Russian taste, before foreign influences.



The tasting set follows old Domostroy household rules. However, the same products are presented in a whole new appearance and quality. Shchi, which by canon are boiled on rye kvass from outer leaves of sauerkraut and cabbage, are distilled. Vladimir Mukhin uses the distillate to make kholodets, which is served with smoked herring, green onion juice sauce and a rich broth of vaporized shchi. Kundyms are made with bird-cherry flour and served with roasted elk tongues and lips – when boiled together they become tender like a soufflé, and the combination with smoked eel creates the so-called “fifth taste”, umami. Astrakhan farm swan liver are languished in milk, turning into an unusual ryazhenka, which is well complemented by the sourness of fresh apple paste and the sweetness of incredible candy tree fruits.


There is a history behind every meal. “The Scarlet Flower” with winter apple puree and honey, infused with black radish, reminds of the time when flowers and other plants were used for medicine. Sterlet with sour grain and fried crucian sauce was created based on the motives from the Patriachs’ dinners. Tavranchuk, or taganchuk, made from beef ribs cooked in kvass sheds light on the mysterious origins of the name Taganka. The journey through the White Rabbit tasting set is going to be enthralling, and you will definitely want to take the wooden candy home and make it an Instagram star.


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