March 8 at White Rabbit


On this day we give our guests one-of-a-kind culinary spirits .


"Borodinskiy Bread", "Tula Gingerbread", "For shrimps", "Apple Pie", "Chocolate Truffle" - these are not the names of new dishes, but unique fragrances.


Small vials are filled with various gastronomic aromas, created at our laboratory WR Lab. The "Tula Gingerbread" aroma mixes hints of cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom and ginger. "Apple Pie" smells like apple, cinnamon, vanilla and a little bit of raspberry. In "Chocolate Truffle" you can feel the sweet smell of tobacco through the truffle and chocolate. And in "For shrimps" the chefs presented a special take on the classic Asian marinade for shrimps: ginger root, bergamot, lemongrass. Armed with WR Lab's innovative equipment, Vladimir Mukhin's chef team are demonstrating that not only food can be gastronomic, but also its aroma.


White Rabbit's chef-bartender has specially prepared a spring cocktail with a geranium aroma and a taste of pear, cherry, mandarin and cognac.


Try it out with the new strawberry millefeuille, which will be sold in "running metres" on March 8th - each guest will get a desired portion right in front of them.



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