Shchi with roasted chanterelles, Jerusalem artichoke cutlets and persimmon ravioli.


The lent menu at White Rabbit is creative and diverse. Two tens of sorts of vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, berries, cereals and spicy herbs - it has everything required in order to avoid the next 40 days turning into a tiresome wait for a beefsteak.


Mushroom sausages are the lent menu’s main hit - juicy, hearty, like a home-made sausage. Jerusalem artichoke cutlets with pickled plums sauce and grey shchi from roasted chanterelles with a cranberry tart are even more tasty than regular cutlets and shchi. And the baked eggplant terrine with chestnut oil, beetroot tart with black radish and nut sauce or persimmon ravioli with tofu and pumpkin seeds might even make you miss lent when it’s over.


Lent menu 



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