Summer cocktails


Sparkling wine with apricots, gin with aloe and cucumber, pisco with homemade marmalade - even more rich summer flavours in the cocktail menu.


Not a drop of banality: authentic gin infused with thyme or antonov apples, bourbon infused with dry apricots. White Rabbit’s chef-bartender Oleg Reshetnyakov presents the new collection of cocktails - interesting drinks in even more interesting combinations.


The new signature mix - “The rabbit hole” comes, of course, with carrot juice, which mixes with thyme gin, a little bit of vermouth with floral hints and spicy creole bitter. The cocktail with a familiar name “Bulbasaur” is incredibly refreshing, with antonov apple-infused gin, aloe, cucumber and thorn liqueur. “Flickering” is the ideal drink for a romantic evening: sparkling wine will set the mood, Chinese apricot wine will add mistery and the dry apricot-infused bourbon will increase the brightness of taste and senses.


The fruity “Jean Baptiste” with riesling foam, the original “Artist” from pisco with limoncello and homemade marmalade and five more summer lemonades with ripe berries, fragrant peaches, sweet mango, refreshing kafir lime and medlar are all a must-try on the coming summer days!



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