Vladivostok set


Far-Eastern products in the exclusive WR Lab set

Journeys inspire! Vladimir Mukhin and the White Rabbit team have returned from the Vladivostok expedition with a generous catch of new ideas and unique Far-Eastern products. Whelk, scallop, oysters, sea urchins, deer, fern and krasnika billberry - look for them in the set’s menu, which was specially created for WR Lab.


Wood sorrel with deer heart pate and sparkling water from blackcurrant leaves. 

Scallop ceviche with yuzu juice snow

Melon, duck, sheep cheese and peach water

Fried garlic, uni, buttermilk and white chocolate

Mussels with fried onion foam and apple mash jelly

Whelk beef stroganoff with baked parsnips and domestic pig skin chips

Flounder with fried fern and Far-Eastern oyster sauce

Gooseberry sorbet

Deer with cranberry under a blanket of lard, gnocchi and dandelion sauce

Мороженое из жимолости с муссом из овечьего молока Honeysuckle ice cream with sheep milk mousse

Ice-truffle with Chinese schisandra berries



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