Summer menu


Strawberry and cheese, sweet cherry and chard leaves, gazpacho and crab — taste of summer in the new menu

Juicy, fresh, summery — White Rabbit presents season’s brightest tastes in the updated menu. Favorite dishes are changing, and new ones are ready to surprise by original combinations and ideas.

Summer salads and snacks decorated by ripe berries: sweet cherry goes with the guinea fowl liver, chard leaves and port wine sauce, strawberries — with fried halloumi cheese and green salad, wild strawberries — with goat cheese and willow herb honey. Cold summer soups in the menu are represented by light gazpacho with crab and traditional okroshka — on kvass or ayran. Choose among summer main dishes: zander with sorrel, broccoli and green peas or lamb T-bone with morels. For dessert, you should totally try the poppy brioche with peaches and classy Vladimir Mukhin’s sweet cherry honey cake.


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