Performances at Chef’s Table


Dinners by Josean Alija and Dmitry Zotov at the unique Chef's Table style restaurant by WRF.



Chef's Table opens a new season with the gastronomic shows. On September 21 and 22 chef's table will be headed by Dmitry Zotov, chef and co-founder of Zotman&Co holding, which includes such popular Moscow projects as Zotman Pizza Pie pizza restaurant, Chinese restaurant called Madame Wong, Santo Spirito bar. He prepared a «touching» menu, so the guests of Chef's Table will have an opportunity to eat almost every dish of this gastronomical dinner using nothing more than their own hands.
On the first of October, Vladimir Mukhin will cook together with Josean Alija, famous Spanish chef of «Nerua» restaurant in Bilbao. He has a Michelin star and is at the 56 place in the world's best restaurants rating by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Together they will perform a really nice and tasty show for the guests.



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