The most dreadful (and the most delicious!) desserts and author's cocktails by our chef bartender



Halloween is a good reason to go out on a visit, thought the White Rabbit confectioners. And they made two cakes for All Saints' Day: a skull-shaped cake, and a heart-shaped cake.

No cuteness overload involved in the latter, though: it looks like a real torn out heart, with all ventricles and other anatomical details. The skull's or heart's taste is totally up to you - the confectioners offer guests a choice of fillings.


A special dessert will appear in the restaurant menu - on October 27 and 28, try a miniature heart: chocolate mousse with raspberry coolie and chocolate biscuit covered with berry blood.

It will be accompanied by a set of cocktails, each of which boasts a detailed instruction by the White Rabbit's chef barman Alexander Zhivaykin. Witch Flower containing gin over milk oolong, Vermouth and violet liqueur, is destined for "tiffany natures and dreamers who love running barefoot in the morning dew to escape from some unknown sad women clad in black". Hell Traffic Light with black rum, citrus, and berries is for those who "like to knock over a glass or two of rum with blood in their gloomy cell". Mary the Victim - moonshine with tomato juice, pepper sauce, and oyster - is for those willing to make their bloody sacrifice.


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