Truffle Time


Opening the season: a truffle set, a dish from the chef and a special menu

November is the time for the truffle! Fragrant black and delightful white with an exciting intoxicating aroma.


Vladimir Mukhin chose dishes from the White Rabbit menu that are best combined with this forest specility - all you have to do is to find a special icon in the menu and decide how much truffle to add. A couple of grams - for a mouth-watering flavor, five or six - for a bright, rich taste, even more - to make dinner really special and memorable.

Vladimir Mukhin created a truffle set for those who are ready for new impressions. Seven dishes wholeheartedly spiced with black truffles - for 6000 rubles. From classic tagliolini to branded honey meringues with foie gras terrine and original duo of elk and Jerusalem artichoke.

And only until the middle of December - specially for the beginning of the truffle season - a dish from the chef: lobster and truffle. To appreciate and feel all the subtlety of combinations of flavors, scents, and textures let us grate a whole mountain of black or white truffles into your plate.



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