New seasonal menu set from Chef Vladimir Mukhin


Persimmon, sea buckthorn, aged mead, cedar needles, duck and Isabella grapes - fresh seasonal products formed the basis of the renewed tasting set by White Rabbit. Chef Vladimir Mukhin invites to taste the coming winter and discover all the richness of its flavors and aromas.

Simplicity and brevity are the major ideas that lie at the heart of this winter set. Red cone cabbage and caviar, cod, malt, and pumpkin, gooseberry, and aged mead: unexpected combinations give an opportunity to take a fresh look at familiar products. Sea urchin caviar with sea-buckthorn, and sea water will be a real discovery for gourmets. A duck with plum, and elderberry will bring you in the holiday mood. And the cedar needles or black bread and black garlic desserts will be remembered not only for their originality, but also for unmatched taste.


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