Christmas menu


Until the end of January — dishes for large and friendly companies. Let's celebrate together!


Vladimir Mukhin, the White Rabbit chef, sets a true Russian festive table in January. Dainties and golden pancakes, coulibiacs and rasstegais, shchi and borscht. And, of course, such renown delicacies as Rockefeller crabs with spinach and Parmesan, lobster and truffle, fried duck with tangerines and smoked pear, and seafood saute.


To meet the first days of the New Year with friends, to celebrate Christmas, to gather with the whole family around the generous table, to celebrate the Old New Year - any occasion will do to visit the White Rabbit with your big company until the end of January. And to put in the center of the table a 4-corners coulibiac, deep-fried beef ribs, and coliphia with amber persimmon.


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