Every Thursday evening in the bar on the first floor of White Rabbit restaurant chief Vladimir Mukhin and chief-barman Oleg Reshetnyakov start their gastronomic performances. Spectators (tickets are 6000r) with glasses filled with magic drinks are on the one side of the bar, while the actors (they are a true actors by the way) - on the other side, so it begins.

This year the performance is dedicated to Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” 150th Anniversary. And just like in this story, every moment it’s getting “curiouser and curiouser”. No one brings a menu, instead of that Vladimir Mukhin deals cards wearing a Mad Hatter costume. There are 12 cards, - just like 12 chapters of Lewis Caroll’s story, this is also the amount of magic surprises that will be shown, which the true gourmet will definitely like.

Taking part in such unusual “dinner” can be pretty much interesting. How does the Cheshire cat’s grin look like? It’s a gipnopops made out of caramel, terrine with goose liver and red spaghetti with “Oolibka” wine. And would you like some “fish milk” without milk, a soldier-crab made of rice and tobiko and hard cocktail made of massandra, which looks like starfish? Here you can see the “scrambled eggs” with abkhazian persimmon as a yolk and goat cheese as the egg-white.

A cup of espresso actually contains bergamot fortified wine and chokeberry apéritif.

Brains are being carried out previously smoked and sprinkled with powdered mushrooms. At this time It’s necessary to drink a special cocktail made of truffle boiled in 15-year old Pu-Erh. Fried kohlrabi is mixed with mushrooms mousse, shrimps and duck tongues from Atlai Farm, as addition - salt from a tiny pork skin pieces and rice as a black pepper.

A lot of hard work, high quality products, and new gastronomic meanings, that Vladimir Mukhin creates in many really unbelievably complicated ways.

So it goes. Almost two hours. Non-stop!


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