It seems like the fact about a Haute cuisine being a true art never needed any additional proofs. However Vladimir Mukhin gives all of em to us in the amount of 12 serving of a new set. Just like 12 chapters of Lewis Caroll’s story.

The word “performance” in this case is as important as the word “gastronomic”. Mukhin plays the Mad Hatter, while his colleague, chief-barman Oleg Reshetnjakov is dressed like the March Hare. Every serving reminds us of some “Alice”s scenes - meeting with Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar or Cheshire Cat or whatever it can be, even the significant incidents from authors real life. Famous lines like “eat me” or “drink me” surely present.

Technical part of the play is flawless. “Director”s love for Russian and especially Caucasian and Black Sea products is pretty much emphasized. All the gastronomic “chemistry” and unbelievable conversions are worth being, because everything that’s going on here is being done only for the sake of guests entertainment. The Wine turns into a paste, Crimean Madera turns into a starfish, persimmon turns into a scrambled eggs. I will say nothing more – no one likes spoilers. Furthermore Mukhin appeared to be not only a great chief but a perfect actor, whos joy for previously prepared jokes and surprises seems to be absolutely natural. 6000r for one ticket is not a surprise for anyone, considering that spectators are allowed to be on the scene, in the dressing room and - what’s most important – at the bar.

Every Thursday 19:30.


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