Is it possible to feel the “taste” of a fairy tale? Is it good to eat while watching a performance? What if you will eat some growing cakes?

Every Thursday at White Rabbit’s gastrobar you can watch the special play dedicated to Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in wonderland” 150th Anniversary. There are 5 actors on the “stage” – Chief Vladimir Mukhin (Mad Hatter), Chief-Barman Oleg Reshetnjakov ( March Hare) and three chief- assistants. All together they gladly provide you some unique gastronomic impressions.

12 cards, 12 chapters, 12 servings, and everything surely starts from a “Drink me” bottle and a fall down the rabbit hole. After that - tales about mysteries of the flavors and fragrances, stories about the values of all eatable things and combinations of food and cocktails. With every new opened card that starts the new chapter, you’re getting far from reality. You’re existing in the fairy tale, when you can eat a “drunk starfish” made of massandra covered with sand and swallowed down with a “fish milk”. You can witness the “Brains-carried-out” ceremony, taste the gipnopops with spaghetti and whine and eat the shrimp donut with smoked teapuccino.

Thus the whole book is “illustrated” with flavors and combinations. Perhaps it’s the best and only one intellectual gastronomic show in the city.

Tickets are 6000r. And for this price you get 1 million impressions.
Doors open at 19:30


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