Rapa whelks, cooked in any restaurant at the Black Sea coast, are very rare in Moscow. Beef stroganoff is cooked as follows: shallot and garlic are fried, then some beef bouillon with butter and sour cream, seasoned with anchovies to strengthen the taste, is added. Rapa whelks cut into strips are added a few minutes before the dish is ready. Beef stroganoff is served on mashed potatoes, topped with chips of pigskin, garlic and baked parsnip. It is decorated with water cress and fried rape plant. The final emphasis on taste is slices of Crimean earthnuts.

Vladimir Mukhin, White Rabbit’s chef:

«The fact that there are earthnuts in the Crimea was known back in XIV century. The tsar’s court was introduced to this delicacy by French chefs»

In White Rabbit, mini sandwiches with chanterelles are served in the Crimean set. Toasted bread is covered with cream and sour cream foam, fried chanterelles and soft-salted cucumbers cut into small cubes, sprinkled with black salt and decorated with slices of earthnuts.

Source: Aeroflot magazine, october 2014


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