Natasha Poly - the main star of today's Fashion's Night Out of Vogue magazine in Moscow. Image supermodel adorned bags, which proceeds from the sale will go to charity, "Who, if not I?". Who, if not you will receive the coveted accessory podium himself from the hands of beauty with her own autograph? Well, as long as you prepare for this Night of Fashion, Tatler.ru talked with Natasha, who, incidentally, came to us almost from the altar. Actually, it's recent marriage, and Paulie was our first question.
Has anything changed in your life after marriage? Probably not. Simply, we are closer to my loved one and there was something else, the new status. But this does not affect my future plans to continue working model. Maybe one day I will understand that it's time to change and do something new, something different. And while I still love what I do. After I became a model, because for me it was a dream world, a magical beautiful world, and I still like to be part of it. Yes, of course, I would really like to have children as soon as possible.

Do you have favorite places in Moscow? Yesterday we were in the new restaurant White Rabbit. I was there the first time, and I really enjoyed it. Great atmosphere and very tasty. Of the clubs I like to Simachev Bar, and in general in Moscow clubs, I do not know much about the city is constantly changing, and always something new.



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