The new seasonal menu by Vladimir Mukhin "Summer"

The new seasonal menu by Vladimir Mukhin "Summer" is a hymn to warmth, lightness and summer vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs from our farmers and gatherers.

Sous-chef Dmitry Khamov is responsible for the visual component: jewel-like young cucumbers with flowers, sweet tomatoes, mini-squash, tender radish pods with seeds, edible flowers and currant berries are served with sour cream, dill oil and Thursday salt on a letter from farmer Konstantin Tokarev - such he sometimes sends to Vladimir along with orders. The letter tells how the first mizuna blossomed in the greenhouse, still empty in spring, and the first bee flew there.


The rest of the servings are no less impressive: a bouquet of gooseberry aperol in a cup of Dulevo porcelain, a scallop with currants and peaches, a crispy grouse with chanterelles and kaimak, cold watermelon soup with fennel on an ice plate, a cabbage roll with king crab and whitefish caviar, sorbet white currant collected in the village where the chef Vladimir Mukhin has a house and a new dessert - the White Swan peach, which you need to break with a spoon right on the plate. Each serving is marked with the place where the title ingredient of the dish came from and the distance to it.


A special place in the new menu is taken by “Food as Medicine” serving, which is already familiar to many of our guests. We ask to share the happiest childhood memory associated with food, and then reproduce it in the restaurant kitchen - individually for each guest. Thus everyone has the opportunity to briefly return to the happiest summer of their childhood.


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